​​​​​When you buy a wristband for yourself you are buying one for someone else.


When I turned 10, I made a choice to stand up against bullying.

I'm now 13 and I've been campaigning ever since. I have written and illustrated three books; All of my books have positive messages about being a friend, taking a stand against bullying and keeping promises. Kids my age are taking their lives because they are being bullied at school, home, smartphones and on their computers. Adults are being Bullied by coworkers, bosses or even by their "friends."  In my campaign I want to make Bully Awareness in September and October as this is when bullying is at it's peak in schools. 

I want everyone to wear my wristbands; because after all, there's only one me. This means you. Always know you matter too.

United we can put a stop to bullying.​

With a positive heart; Brenden




  • Uplifting Piano Instrumental | 3:02

There is power in a community that comes together to take a stand against bullying. Take your stand today. Let a bullied person know they are not alone. my mission is to make everyday count. my wish is for everyone to do the right thing when bullying is taking place. remember share a smile with someone you know is being bullied.